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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Legacy of LA All Day

Here’s a sight you won’t see in Santa Monica anymore.

In the time following the end of NISS and the X-Games, and eventually the ASA comps, the stick-to-your-guns-community otherwise known as the rollerblading industry have clung to and celebrated a number of grassroots contests. IMYTA, BCSD, Winterclash, Superhick, Barn Burner, Hoedown—these are some of the bigger ones, some that have stood the test of time in this volatile industry. There’s the Pan Handle Pow Wow, Last Man Standing, The Windy City Riot, The Chaz Sands Invitational, The Seattle Street Battle. I could go on and on about all of these contests, most of which have become events in themselves, traditions in our humble little underground. Some are held in skateparks with hundreds of people on the course and others take place a little closer to the core of rollerblading, on street spots in cities all over the world. However different each contest is, the one similarity that binds them all together as a staple of blade culture is that each one was created by a small group of passionate people, a devoted corps of individuals hoping to give back to the community that brought them up. From 2005 until September of last year former pros and pioneers of blading, Tracy White and Carlos Kessell, brought that passion to the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club with the LA All Day contest series.

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